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How to vertically and horizontally center text in an unordered list or div

June 03 2013
Surfer boy and Flamingo

Congratulations if you've managed to find this tutorial! I've been trying to increase awareness and publicity to this tutorial by going to other tutorials and leaving comments but I'm finding the authors take a competitive edge and do not approve my link to this page. If you find this helpful then please promote it by using the social links further down the page. This should hopefully increase my chances to be found in Google.

Just grab the number of Facebook likes per URL

June 03 2013

Credit goes to the original author of the script He had made the script just pick up the number of likes a particular URL had received. The problem with this is Facebook terms the number as either 'likes' or 'shares' depending on when your site first had the like button clicked on. This script has an in-built safety net attached for this. In addition I understand some people will still want the words around the number to still be present. If you want the words removed and just have the number by itself then set $requestWords = "false";