Top games built in Phaser

Below are a list of Phaser games I feel achieve both satisfying gameplay, graphics and music. If you feel you've made a top Phaser game, then either write in the comments section below, or email me at ajfhoward[@t], please remember there are a lot of Phaser games out there now so I'll only be adding the ones I feel are the best of the best. Please include the name of the game, the URL and a brief description as to why you think it should make the list. I check URLs regularly so if a page moves, I'll delete the record.

Number Game name Reason it made the list
1 Bayou Island Ok, this is my own game but we I needed to start the list somewhere. Whilst paying a homeage to Monkey Island a classic adventure game this uses original music I've had composed and I've also hired voice-over artists, animators and photoshop artists to make it look great. It uses JSON which staggers the loading required. This has taken over several months to produce and I'm still adding to it.
2 One Dark Fright One of my other games, also a point and click adventure game.
3 Submarine Dash A fun game with very good graphics.
4 Math pop A maths game where you need to pop the balloon numbers equal to a number you're shown at the start. I can really see how this would encourage children's maths skills at the same time having to do it quickly. Only thing I'd like to see in this game is the option to turn off the current number you're on so you have to work it out in your head.
5 Battle of Tastes An awesome side scroller game where you have to collect only a certain type of object. I love the graphics in this and also I love what happens when you get an infinity life.

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