Best gigs on fiverr

Here are a collection of gigs on which I think are worth a huge credit and mention:


NOTE: First, there are things to watch out for when using artists. Some will make you pay for the copyright to a made image if you intend to use it on a commercial web site. What's incredibly annoying is the actual image may only cost you $10 to make on average, but then they will hit you with between a $20-$40 charge for the copyright! Not the way to do business in my opinion. My advice is to avoid these artists as there are plenty out there who will not do this to you. When ordering, make it clear that you intend to use the image for your web site so there's no dispute about your intentions later, as the sellers on can change the description and terms of their gig at any time. This would of course give you no legal leg to stand on, except maybe if you took a print screen of the gig description at the time. When ordering, state the url of the site you intend to use it on and this will avoid problems later on as this communication history is always saved.

Children's book illustrator artist
Probably the best artist I have come across. This is the artist I commissioned to produce all the graphics on this Web site including the characters: Surfer boy and flamingo. This artists work is consistently good and to an incredibly high standard.

Painter style artist
This artist's style is more for the likes of someone who wants a very unique image on their site. The style isn't as clean cut as the children's book illustrator but it all depends on the style you want. I would say his style is a bit more grungey. This artist is very good at taking the and will check with you on every stage of the process to see you're happy with everything.


Unicycling unicorn
Ok so you might want to tell someone you love them, or maybe a work collegue is leaving and you want to see goodbye in style. Although I haven't used this gig personally, I think this is a lot of fun.

If you have seen any gigs which you think are worthy of a mention, simply put them into the comments below and I'll see if it makes the cut :)


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